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new blog site
September 6, 2010, 4:44 pm
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please visit http://urbanetix.ch/blog/ – our new blog site.

all german (.. well, most of the time 🙂


Technology Review: Self-Powered Flexible Electronics
May 1, 2010, 6:11 am
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Now researchers at Samsung and Sungkyunkwan University in Korea have come up with a way to capture power when a touch screen flexes under a user’s touch. The researchers have integrated flexible, transparent electrodes with an energy-scavenging material to make a film that could provide supplementary power for portable electronics. The film can be printed over large areas using roll-to-roll processes, but are at least five years from the market.

Technology Review: Self-Powered Flexible Electronics

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Second Life Blogs: Features: Shared Media: Bringing the Web Inworld with Viewer 2
April 1, 2010, 8:34 pm
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Second Life Shared Media, a new Viewer 2 capability, makes sharing standard Web-based media in Second Life easy and seamless. It enables content creators to make more compelling, interactive experiences. Basically, Shared Media brings the Internet inworld.For the more technically inclined, what this means is that you can now put media textures on any prim in Second Life. More specifically, the viewer uses WebKit to create a fully interactive, dynamic texture from a Web URL. This even includes support for Web-browser plug-ins, like the Adobe Flash Player. And, you can place dozens of them on the same region. (We still don’t know what the upper limits are. I’m sure that you’ll let us know.)

Second Life Blogs: Features: Shared Media: Bringing the Web Inworld with Viewer 2

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FinCube: a portable vacation home? – Core77
March 30, 2010, 7:35 pm
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finncube2.jpgBerlin-based Studio Aisslinger has devised and prototyped the FinCube, “a vision of temporary living.” Provisions for “nomadic living” combine with a “natural high-tech” aesthetic in this house, which is modular, sustainable, tranportable and low-energy. The prototype was built near Bozen in Northern Italy, with a killer view of the Dolomite mountains, and has since been moved (!) to nearby Ritten, where it is now on view.According to the studio, the house is made entirely of locally supplied, long-lasting and recyclable materials, provides 47 square meters of living space, and manufactured by Tyrolese craftsmen. 360 degrees of glazing is surrounded by a skin of wooden slats—the space between serves as an exterior walkway.It appears that the FinCube is designed less for living and more for low-impact luxury vacationing. According to the studio, it’s easily dismantled and requires a minimum of soil sealing (two square meters), allowing the site to be easily “renatured” after moving.

FinCube: a portable vacation home? – Core77

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Cittàslow – Wikipedia
March 21, 2010, 4:02 pm
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Cittàslow (langsame Stadt; ital. città = Stadt, engl. slow = langsam) ist eine Bewegung, die 1999 in Italien gegründet wurde. Sie wurde inspiriert von der Philosophie der Slow-Food-Bewegung. Hauptziele sind die Verbesserung der Lebensqualität in Städten und das Verhindern der Vereinheitlichung und Amerikanisierung von Städten, in denen Franchise-Unternehmen dominieren. Die Unterstützung und Betonung von kultureller Diversität und den eigenen und speziellen Werten der Stadt und ihres Umlandes sind ebenfalls zentrale Cittàslow-Ziele. Im weiteren Sinne kann Cittàslow dem Trend der sogenannten Slow-Bewegung (vgl. Entschleunigung) zugerechnet werden.

Cittàslow – Wikipedia

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March 6, 2010, 8:22 am
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Der Bonner Stadtforscher Boris Sieverts fĂĽhrt seit einigen Jahren Gruppen von mutigen BĂĽrgern an Orte, die nie ein Planer betrat. Dabei gilt es das Leben hinter dem Lärmschutzwall oder die “meditative Stimmung” inmitten eine Autobahnkreuzes zu entdecken. Vielfach zeigen sich die verdutzten “Spaziergangsforscher” nach einer solchen Erkundungstour ĂĽberrascht ĂĽber die erstaunliche Vielfalt und Originalität der besuchten vermeintlichen Unorte. (Quelle: Stadtland Schweiz, Avenir Suisse)

vermeintliche Unorte gibt es bei uns auch ,,
unter der AutobahnbrĂĽcke ,,
bei der Laderampe des Einkaufszentrums ,,
auf dem grossen leeren Parkplatz am Wochenende ,,
aufspĂĽren und dokumentieren?
bleiben dann Unorte noch Unorte?

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New Design and new Start
March 5, 2010, 6:02 pm
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Just changed the design of this site and added the brand new urbanetix logo – looks great ,, thx Vera!

From now on, this site will not only collect facts about urbanism, society, ethics and evolution, but tell you about the projects that urbanetix runs.

enjoy reading!